Dale Ivan Smith


I love writing fantasy and science fiction, as well as reading, watching and gaming fantasy and science fiction of all kinds. I'm also a librarian for Oregon's largest public library system.

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Running Tangent: Science Fiction Novella Dale Ivan Smith

Former Belter Marine Kex Han-Riley has her hands full just keeping the peace on Over Enceladus, and an eye on her brilliant but erratic husband Jimme. When her boss, Tangent, the station’s artificial intelligence, begins acting strangely, she’s determined to find out why, no matter what the cost.


Nullified: An Empowered Series Prequel Story Dale Ivan Smith

Mathilda Brandt was a rogue Empowered, convicted of using her power illegally and sent to Special corrections at 16. She faces hard truths while inside. You have to fight to protect yourself, and be careful who you trust. Most of all, how can you be a prisoner and remain free inside?



Dead Wife Waiting: Fantasy Short Story Dale Ivan Smith

Hex-slinger Thomas is searching for his dead wife, the swordswoman, Mira. He finds her guarding a lonely crossroad, and faces a terrible decision.