Erica Laurie


Blending of love of Korea into captivating fantasy.

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Eun Na and the Phantom (Sample) Erica Laurie

A logger's daughter marries a mysterious man, who happens to be a phantom.



Mystical Creatures: Dragons, Fairies, and the Nine Tailed Fox Erica Laurie

A special box set of Eun Na and the Phantom, and Foxtails: A Paranormal Romance. Featuring the reader favoritedragon, Mao, Eun Na and the Phantom is about a logger's daughter who falls in love with a phantom. Foxtails is a Regency Romance with a paranormal twist, and where the west meets east in a fairy land named Moonspire. Enjoy these two books together for a limited time.


Eun Na and the Phantom Erica Laurie

Eun Na is working hard to help her father pay off a debt to a merciless lord when she meets two very different men by chance. One is a well-meaning noble who doesn't believe in magic. The other: a mysterious stranger who is forced to take the ethereal form of a ghost each night.