Kathy Zebert


Kathy Zebert is a freelance court reporter, author, motivational speaker, currently residing in Chattanooga, TN. Her free spirit has moved her all over the South, so you never know where she'll show up. Her interests are many, but with one common thread: to inspire others to find their happy place.

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Incredulity (Romancing Justice, Book 1) Kathy Zebert

A romantic cowboy, A sunset kiss. Everything is perfect until he's arrested for murder. Callie Fletcher leads a quiet life as a court reporter until she meets Dominic Jaxson, a handsome, wealthy, old-fashioned Texas cowboy. A beautiful Austin sunset turns into a dreamy romantic fairy tale relationship and she's sure she's found her cowboy prince. But Dominic has a dark secret. A secret that one Monday morning will shatter Callie's romantic fantasy. When Dominic shows up on Callie's court docket as a defendant charged with murder, her world is turned upside down and her career is threatened. Taking the bull by the horns, Callie is determined to find the truth. Is her cowboy's love real, or was it all just a fantasy?