K.E. O'Connor


K.E. O'Connor is a published novelist and short story writer. She loves to write, make up new worlds, new possibilities, and characters, and share stories for others to enjoy.

Living in stunning South West England, she writes in a number of genres, including paranormal romance, urban fantasy, YA paranormal adventure, paranormal cozy mystery and space opera.

Her writing has mystery, adventure and excitement and some romance thrown in to make things even more stimulating.

She has four series; The School of Exorcists (YA paranormal adventure and romance), Ghost Academy (YA paranormal adventure), Heir Hunters (adult urban fantasy.) and Zee Town Cozy Mysteries.

If you want a free taste of all of her series, you can get the first books in three of the series for free!

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Initiation: The School of Exorcists (YA paranormal adventure and romance, book 1) K.E. O'Connor

Ruby Carmichael is your typical teenager, ignoring the unusual fact she sees ghosts. After she almost kills someone, she discovers she isn't so typical and has abilities and responsibilities she's never dreamed of. She isn't prepared for the revelation she's fated to join the School of Exorcists, a mysterious school that trains young Senders in the art of crossing over the undead and protecting the world from dark magic forces. In this fast paced teen and YA paranormal romance and adventure series, Ruby meets ghosts, learns magic and discovers first love. Initiation, Book 1 in the School of Exorcists series, features fantasy action, romance, magic and mystery.


Blood Hunted - Heir Hunters, book 1 (urban fantasy series) K.E. O'Connor

Her supernatural ability could be the death of her… Macie is grieving the loss of her father and facing a deadly challenge; a powerful vampire has died and she has to host her. Blood Hunted is book 1 in the Heir Hunters series, featuring Macie Thackery, Sarah Greenburg, a powerful witch and Damien Rule, Macie’s usually trusty vampire sidekick. Macie needs to step up to the challenge of hosting this dangerous vampire. Will she survive this case and successfully keep Heir Hunters running? If you love urban fantasy, a hint of romance, and fast-paced supernatural action and mystery, then you’ll love Blood Hunted.


Witch Kissed K.E. O'Connor

A witch has a problem. Can the Thornheart witches help and will they solve the kissing curse and figure out their own tangled love lives? Ivy and Bryony Thornheart are no strangers to magic, light and dark. When the talented witches come up against a powerful kissing curse, they have to fight to save their client, Agatha Graytooth, from repelling every man she kisses. Human lives are put at risk by this curse, and the witches have to race to save the feeble red bloods and break the curse. Witched Kissed is the first in an exciting cozy paranormal mystery in the Old Sarum series. With enchanting settings, characters you will fall in love with, and exciting magic filled action. Join the Thornheart sisters at the Love Cauldron and follow them in their witch filled adventures.


Chosen: Ghost Academy (YA paranormal adventure, book 1) K.E. O'Connor

Enrolment at Ghost Academy is now open; where death is just the beginning of life. Behind the doors of Ghost Academy, four recently deceased teenagers discover there's more learning to do, lives to save and life (or death) decisions to be made. Lauren has a murder to solve; her own. Alex and Esmee struggle to overcome the standards set for them whilst alive as they discover love is no easy ride when you're a ghost. Charlie must face up to an all-consuming addiction or lose everything he has just been given. Offered a second chance at the Ghost Academy, Lauren, Alex, Esmee, and Charlie battle against Deviant ghosts, hunters intent on catching a ghost of their own, and their own internal struggles. Will this new life finally be the death of them?