McKayla Schutt

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Celina McKayla Schutt

Celina only wants her family to be whole again. If she can achieve that then she can be happy again. She leaves Alia with her sister while she goes and search for Pico. But what she finds is a man ready to give up. Pico doesn’t want to live without his mate but with a daughter who hasn’t shifted, he knows they need a coven. With pack problems arise and a shift in alpha power, Pico must convince Celina it’s ok to stay with him.



Red Eclipse- Preview McKayla Schutt


A Christmas Imprint McKayla Schutt

Anne never expected to imprint with a werewolf let alone fall in love with him. Once she meets the sexy divorce lawyer, Drake at the office party she finds him almost irresistible. Anne wants to listen to her heart but her head fears all the feelings of love is only due to the imprint bond. With Christmas coming soon she must figure out if her feeling for Drake are real or just part of some wolf magic to bring them together. Is the universe right for bringing them together? Or is this relationship doomed to fail? **This is erotic short story**


Landen- A Shifter Romance McKayla Schutt

Doni has lost everything she owned with the exclusion of her vacation bag. Her trip to the Big Apple has turned horrible as she has no where to go. With inadequate resources, she has limited options, that is until the extremely hot Landen offers to help her. Doni expects two quiet nights in a safe place, but life tosses her a curve when she realizes Landen is the alpha bear of the big city. Learning someone’s secret is one thing but when they imprint, it makes Doni rethink everything she has ever been taught. With Doni’s past fighting against her choices, Landen must find a way to convince her that being his mate is the best choice.