Tori Knightwood


Tori Knightwood has been lucky enough to live and work in some fabulous exotic places around the world. She faced down angry forest elephants in Tanzania, got a henna tattoo in Kenya, and fell in love in Rwanda.

Now, Tori teaches French by day and is the mom of two boys who require a lot of running around to after-school activities. She’s the mom watching the action on the field (or on the slopes or on the mats) while listening to an audiobook or a podcast, or scribbling plot notes into her phone.

Her family enjoys global cuisine and travel. They are also big fans of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Doctor Who. When Tori gets to watch TV alone, she enjoys guilty pleasure-type shows, especially while folding laundry.

She writes stories to bring a little spice into your life, because everyone can use a little more spice.

You can find more of Tori's books on her website ( or on Amazon (

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Vegas Rogues Tori Knightwood

Ryenne Cavanagh and her best friend, Gavin Brody, started their own shifter hunter business right after college. But starting a business isn’t the same as running a successful business. Ryenne is tired of rinky-dink protection jobs that don’t pay the rent. She and Gavin hope he’ll learn some tips to help them at the annual shifter hunter convention in Las Vegas. But a group of rogue shifters has other plans. They want the world to know they're better, stronger, faster, and more vicious, and deserve to be in charge. Will Gavin survive being the hostage of the rogues? Will Ryenne reach him in time?


Pride of Africa Tori Knightwood

She planned on studying lions... Serena Fitzgerald is a southern belle and a student of animal behavior. She came to Kenya to study under a world-renowned biologist who also owns a safari lodge. Serena expects to work hard. She expects to learn a lot. But she didn't expect to fall for her mentor's son. Colin Kemboi is a bored and rich playboy. Half British and half Kenyan, he fits everywhere and nowhere. But as a lion shifter, he yearns for the Kenyan bush. And he yearns for a woman who can love all of him, not just the jet-setting lifestyle he can provide. Will Serena accept Colin's lion half? Is Colin willing to settle down with a woman who isn't among London's elite? Recommended for ages 18 and up.