Rose Andrews


Rose Andrews writes about marriage, mountains, and adventure. She enjoys crafting stories about arranged marriages, marriages of convenience, and mail-order-brides in Western and 20th Century Historical Romance. Her sweetly toned, faith-inspired stories are about sassy heroines who wed good-humored heroes and live happily ever after. She is fascinated with history, especially the vintage years and the Old West.

For most of her life, the raw Alaskan wilderness was her home. She now resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and family, reading historical and fantasy romance novels to her heart's delight. Connecting with readers is her favorite part of publishing fiction.

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The Widow's Second Chance (A 1940's Romance) Rose Andrews

Portland, Oregon 1946 Chloe Kent, a World War 2 widow, has resigned to her fate as a single mother struggling to make ends meet. Prompted by her sister to go on a blind date, she meets a man who brings passion back into her life and reignites a flame in her heart she once thought dead. Robert McKenna, real estate agent, has returned home for a new start at life. Introduced to the widow next door, he discovers her gentleness is helping heal the wounds of his past and giving him the family he always wanted. Two people wanting a second chance at love and life will stand the trials of moving forward from loss and a face from the past hell-bent on keeping them apart. A sweet and sensual historical romance.


Sweethearts And Jazz (A 1940's Romance, #2) Rose Andrews

Portland, Oregon November 1946 Lila Stevenson, singer and stage actress, has devised a plan to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. A fake relationship with her coworker starts out as her perfect opportunity for revenge. Swept into a maelstrom, she discovers her pretend beau is offering her a real chance at love. Kent O’Connor, handyman and stagehand, has agreed to help his crush get back at her ex in order to be close to her. Realizing faking it won’t cut it, he tries getting her to see it’s him she wants. Determined to win her heart, he will use tender patience to unravel her from the past standing in the way of their future. Brought together by a friendly arrangement, they will discover a love more real than any they could ever fake. A sweet and sensual historical romance.