Jenny Schwartz

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Clockwork Gold Jenny Schwartz

There’s a conspiracy in the Goldfields of Western Australia, and the money men of London don’t like it. Dirigible pilot Rebecca Jones likes it even less. She has a messenger service to run, justice to pursue in a lawless land, and she can do without Special Agent to the Crown, Nathan Burton, hijacking her dirigible—and her heart—and disrupting her carefully laid plans. The result is adventure, romance and explosions. A Steampunk novella.


Fire Rose Jenny Schwartz

Double the romance as two couples tangled in a sorcerer’s magic race to save innocent souls from eternal slavery. In the mountains of Iran, a Persian dragon seduces a recently freed djinni, only to lose his heart; while an American ex-soldier is recruited by the woman he doesn’t dare love to rescue people forced into slavery. *** "Fire Rose" is a paranormal romance novella.