Brendan Detzner

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The Hidden Lands (Instafreebie Sample) Brendan Detzner

In the aftermath of the Dragot Empire’s failed attack on the Mountain skyport, seventeen year old Amber, former bride of the invasion’s commander and current traitor to the empire, is on the run. Alone and pursued by Dragot assassins, she seeks political asylum in the Hidden Lands, a mysterious and isolated alliance of countries on the far side of the world, and is taken to the Embassy District, a refuge for political criminals, abandoned spies, and lost souls from every corner of the earth. Everyone has an agenda and no one is who they appear to be. Amber must figure out who to trust quickly, or the shadows of her new home will swallow her whole. (This sample includes the first third of "The Hidden Lands".)


Scarce Resources (Instafreebie Sample) Brendan Detzner

The devil plays tennis with the last man in Chicago while a brontosaurus looms in the distance. An elderly blind woman thinks she's feeding the birds. A music industry insider falls short of immortality and makes a shocking confession. A girl with sharp teeth and an excellent sense of smell shops at a convenience store, avoiding chocolate. And fourteen more. (This sample contains the first four short stories in the collection.)


Beasts (Instafreebie Sample) Brendan Detzner

A nurse gives a tow truck driver her number while the spirits watch attentively. Sasquatch and Chupacabra clash across universes. A skeleton billionaire throws his annual halloween party. A woman kisses her husband good night and locks him in a room in their basement. And twelve more. (This sample contains the first three stories of the collection.)


White Rabbit Society Part Two (Instafreebie Sample) Brendan Detzner

Four years have passed since the events of "White Rabbit Society Part One". With a lot a of luck and at great personal cost, Andrew has managed to not get killed. He's a magician now, for better or worse. He's knowledgeable, confident, and also ambitious, which may be the biggest danger he's had to face yet. Because there are scarier things out there than a teenager with a little magic and a chip on his shoulder, and Andrew's heading right for them. (This sample contains the first five chapters.)


Millersville (Instafeebie Sample) Brendan Detzner

The Illinois Youth Center in Millersville is a maximum security prison for teenage girls. There are no newspapers allowed in the facility, no internet, no TV news. No way to tell that something in the world on the other side of the fence has gone very wrong. At least not at first. (This sample contains the first third of the novel.)


White Rabbit Society Part One Brendan Detzner

Andrew is fifteen years old. He's been sent to stay with his grandmother for the summer while his parents finish their divorce, but the summer's up and he's still stuck up in Wisconsin. And his best and only friend is a monster. He thinks that Shadow is his secret. He's mistaken. When mysterious forces converge on his town, including the uncle he never new existed, Andrew is forced to learn quickly and think fast in a world where everyone has their own agenda.