Jessie G. Talbot

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Souls by the Sea Jessie G. Talbot

She's not saving the day for herself. Burlie McLauren is the new girl in Souls by the Sea, a coastal town lousy with witches, and she isn't happy. Like a needing-meds level of not happy but, for her family's sake, she's hanging in there. Until Fisk Iping, the strongest witch in the state, targets them all. A rich aunt must pay ransom to get them out of a mirror version of Souls where it's Halloween forever. And just to make things even more interesting, "Hey, Burlie, run the gauntlet! If you get past the monsters in the dark I'll let everyone go now. Maybe." How can a sick girl with no magic survive a run into the teeth (and claws) of a witch's imagination? Oh, Burlie finds a way because real power is knowledge. What she learns will tear Fisk's dream town apart.