Shea Malloy

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The Alien Princess's Love Shea Malloy

Alien princess Suri Ahrisi swears she will not fall in love with the visiting Earth diplomat, Officer Nicholas Thorne. But some promises were meant to be broken, and Suri discovers it’s hard to protect her heart against Nick’s magnifying presence, toe-curling kisses, and scorching touch all over her flesh. She wants him, even if it means jeopardizing her hard work and the purpose of his visit. Nick got on a spaceship for the first time with a job in mind. But when he lands on Omaron, his mission takes a backseat the moment he sees the breathtaking princess, Suri. He only has a few days to spend on the planet. He sure as hell won’t be devoting them to matters of diplomacy when all he wants to do is explore every inch of the beautiful, luscious princess.