Alexa Padgett

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A Moonlit Serenade Alexa Padgett

He fell in love with her voice. But falling in love in real life? Not in either of their plans.
 The sound he can’t forget He fell in love with her voice first. But trying to recruit mysterious girl-next-door music teacher Ryn Hudson to work on an album together is proving harder than Jake Etsam ever imagined. She’s prickly, defensive, wounded, and stubborn. And he’s in danger of falling in love with the rest of her, too… The hope she can’t deny Ryn has had her share of heartache, and she’s not eager to risk a silly crush on an arrogant, unavailable rock star. Jake’s band is one of the hottest act in the world, and for a woman who’s already lost it all, celebrity drama holds no appeal. But the man himself is harder to turn away…