Fleur Camacho

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Sneak Peak for Broken Fleur Camacho

What if your love for someone could get them killed? In Jace’s past, love never met a natural death, always ending with betrayal, violence, and abandonment. When he meets Laura, a spark of hope emerges that he’s finally found someone he can love. However, Jace’s decision to be with her ignites a series of events that explodes around their sheltered world. When Laura is kidnapped, Jace realizes that his past has come back to torment him. His search for her leads him to a unit of Fallen Angels, bent on creating a terrorist cell in their small town and is headed by the very woman Jace himself spurned in the past. Jace must race against time to save their small town from going to hell, but will he be able to keep Laura safe at the same time?